Pest Repel 0300
Pest Repel 0300
Pest Repel 0300
Pest Repel 0300
Pest Repel 0300
Pest Repel 0300

Weitech - Pest Repeller 280 m²


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Chases rodents and insects from the home.

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Chases : Mices - Spiders - Rats - Fleas - Ticks - Crawling insects.
Protects up to 280 m²
Adaptor 220V included
Two loudspeakers
Choice of frequencies and power levels
Visible results after 72 hours and two weeks for rats
Energy consumption max: 2 Watt

  • Audible on certain settings

WEITECH ulrasonic pest repel products for use against rodents and many crawling insects

The WEITECH ultrasonic pest repel products emit complex sounds of a very high frequency and of a high intensity.  Ultrasounds are inaudible for people but very audible to rodents and most insects.  The permanent fluctuation of the frequencies and intensity of the ultrasounds affects the nervous system of these pests, disturbs their communicative and social skills and inhibits them from detecting their natural predators. 
All or some of these factors make the protected rooms extremely inhospitable for the pests and they have no choice but to leave the area.
Ultrasonic sounds behave exactly like audible sounds: the bounce of hard surfaces and are absorbed by porous or soft materials.  These products are naturally more effective indoors than outside.
•Ultrasonic sounds do not pass through walls, doors, furniture, etc.
•Do not place behind curtains, sofas or other furniture which may block the sound emission.
•Use at least 1 unit in each room to be protected
•Rooms furnished with lots of textiles (curtains, drapes, upholstered furniture…..) require a more powerful unit because ultrasonic sounds are absorbed by soft materials.
•For increased effectiveness, it is preferable to use 2 smaller units installed in different parts of the room rather than 1 large pest repel product.