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Mole trap.

The mole is suspicious and has a very keen sense of smell. Before placing the traps, let them stay in the ground for a few days and wear gloves to start trapping.

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Using a metal rod, probe the soil to locate the main gallery, or the peripheral gallery. If the rod descends easily, you have probably located the gallery. Check the path of the gallery by making other soundings nearby. Using a spade or transplanter, carefully open and clear the gallery about 20 cm. To put the clamps in place, open the gallery with the tensioner. Place, with infinite precautions, the tent in the center of the clamp and then gently release the tensioner. Then place the 2 tensioned clamps in the gallery. Place them gently head to toe, so as not to trigger the sudden closing of the clamps. Using a piece of tile or board, carefully close the gallery, without dislodging the earth. It is advisable to place several traps in different galleries. Check the traps every day. If the traps fail after several days, change the location. It sometimes happens that the trapped moles (badly pinched), drag the trap to the bottom of the gallery. To avoid this loss, tie the ring of the clamp with a wire connected to a stake on the surface.