What is ECMA?

ECMA was created in March 2004 as a result of increasing awareness from different manufacturers concerning the necessity of regulating their industry.

Members of this association have a continuous concern to improve the wellbeing of our pets, giving them harmony and integrating them into everyday social live.

This association brings together the principal manufacturers of low output electronic training aids, i.e.: DOGTRA, MARTIN SYSTEM, NUM’AXES, RADIO SYSTEMS CORPORATION.

The association will also expand to include manufacturers of other electronic training products such as pet tracking and pet identification devices.

Charter for animal welfare

1. Our philosophy

  • To conceive and develop static correction products for pet training which respect the well-being of animals.
  • To enhance communication between companion animals and owners.
  • To communicate clearly to the users of our products, their responsibility to follow the training guidelines for each product.

2. Our commitment

  • All members of ECMA commit to meet the requirements laid out in our standards for all pet protection products they offer for sale in EU countries.
  • These requirements apply to static and spray collars (in-ground containment fences, remote trainers and anti-bark applications), pet tracking systems and any other companion electronic training devices.
  • ECMA is committed to the safety of companion animals and to the responsible use of members’ products.
  • In the event that malicious acts against the welfare of companion animals are brought to the attention of ECMA, ECMA and its members reserve the right to prosecute those responsible.

3. Standards for electronic training collars


3.1. Mandatory inclusions in manuals

  • All products must include a user manual containing effective operational and training instructions.
  • Manuals for static and spray products must state that the products must only be used with animals which are over 6 months old.
  • Manuals for any collar-based products must include advice about avoidance of pressure necrosis. This should include recommendations that the collar is not worn continually, that the collar fit is checked regularly and that animal’s neck is checked often.

3.2 Approvals and Product marking

All products must :

  • Comply with current relevant EU standards
  • Comply with current relevant EU radio frequency regulations
  • Carry the CE logo
  • Optionally carry the ECMA “Approved Product” logo

3.3. Safety requirements for static products

  • The power of static products must not exceed either 15Ma RMS, or alternatively 100 mA maximum (reference IEC 479-1 and 479-2).
  • The length of the stimulation period must be limited by an automatic safety cut-out.
  • Products must have variable levels of static stimulation to suit the needs of the animal, the owner and the situation.
  • Collar contacts must have safe, rounded points.
  • The distance between collar contact points must not exceed 60mm.