Weitech Bird Lazzzer

Weitech Bird Lazzzer


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This product is intended for indoor use in warehouses, factories, workshops, halls or any building infested by birds.

It can operate round the clock. The device has a timer to prevent overheating: 15 minutes on / 15 minutes off.

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    • The Bird Lazzzer does not emit any sound.
    • The continuous sweep of the laser beam severely disturbs the birds and forces them to leave the area.
    • Horizontal sweep: 60° – Vertical sweep: 25°.
    • Easy to install, but care must be taken to prevent the laser beam from reaching the eyes of people in the area. For this purpose we have set the device up to make a broad horizontal sweep, but a fairly restricted vertical sweep.
    • It is advisable to use this device in dark locations or at night to prevent pigeons from settling for the night.
    • Maximum protected area up to 500 m².
    • Power consumption: 15 Watts.
    • For internal use only.